Yue is made in Japan.
Experienced specialists work
on manufacturing with a “reason”.

Yue is made in factories in Japan, where quality is emphasized and advanced technology is passed down. Almost all of our products are made in Japan.
The basis of this creation is the vast amount of data and solid knowledge accumulated over a long period of time with women’s bodies.
Our experienced specialists are in charge of all processes, from design to sewing, to touching the skin of the wearer.

At the site where Yue is built, there are many manual processes that are not entrusted to machines. In order to achieve both beauty and comfort, the designer’s hand draws lace and goes to design painting.
Incorporating the designer’s thoughts into the pattern the pattern maker repeats fitting many times and makes detailed adjustments by hand.
The hand that is entrusted with sewing takes on the challenge of precise and difficult work by making full use of rich experience.

The “hands” involved in each process take pride in their work, conveying the “reason” for their attention to detail, and finishing it.
The detailed communication between the people involved is connected, and the finished underwear is delivered to the closest place to the heart and body of the person wearing it through the “hands” of the customer service person called the beauty advisor.

About Yue

it is comfortable

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Yue is derived from the word “Yu-en,”
which expresses the reason for things.

Its comfort is not accidental. Design, pattern and sewing until it touches your skin. Most of the manufacturing is done in Japan by specialists.

When you’re busy, relaxing, even sleeping.
We want to be gentle and supportive.
Through Yue, we will deliver a rich daily life
that is full of calm and comfort.


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