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¥11,000(tax in)〜

Seamless cups are a great fit
for a variety of styles

A 3/4 cup wire bra with a smooth molded finish that does not scratch the outer. L-shaped wire reduces center anterior compression. The tulle power net has a delicate and smooth texture that gently holds the body.

A bra that feels like a “second skin” with a pleasant sense of unity with the skin.

Reason for Comfort 1: Molded Cup Type for Fit
The thin and light molded cup with molded BJP460 is light but enveloping comfort, and Yue's unique softness. By attaching a “bulge” that is adjusted to each size under the cup, a natural round bust line is created. The cups have no seams, making them less likely to pull on the outerwear. In addition, the secret of comfort is that the L-shaped wire is used to prevent pressure on the front center.

Reason for Comfort 2: Power Net for a comfortable stretch
Back, a power net developed by the company is used. This is an elegant shiny material that is knitted by arranging thread thin enough to be used for stockings for the inner. Thin, light, and smooth skin is attractive. Soft, stretchy fabric for a gentle fit like a second skin. It does not slip up and responds comfortably to body movements.

Reason for Comfort 3: Soft, easy-to-stretch tapes
The back of the BJP460 uses tapes that stretch and shrink according to the body’s movements. By finishing this tape thinly, you can apply it softly even though it has a fit. In addition, we are particular about the beauty of the appearance as well as the skin, such as the fine seams that make it difficult to stand out.




¥14,300(tax in)〜

Refined design combines practicality and elegance

An elegant 3/4 cup wire bra that combines a seamless molded cup with a Leaver lace. From the base of the cup to the back, the delicate Leaver lace is adorned. The L-shaped wire with little pressure in the front center is light and comfortable. The back strap is raised to cover the back and the double strap makes the shoulders look more delicate.